JJ Seid

JJ served as a Resident Director for four years prior to joining Bridgeway, living in community with college students first in Texas and then California. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and still roots for the White Sox and the Bulls. JJ graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College with an Associates in Theology before pursuing a B.A. in Art & Design from Judson College. While completing his M.A. in Biblical Studies at Wheaton, JJ was swept off his feet by his beautiful bride, Kristen, who hails from Rogers, Arkansas. They’ve been married since June of 2006, and in April of 2009 joyfully welcomed Eisley Claire into their family. In between pregnancy and giving birth, Kristen completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology and is now working towards licensure in Oklahoma. JJ loves (in no particular order) basketball, the wilderness, art, good books, Bob Dylan, pop culture, cooking, good music, poetry, darts, and the Bible.