How Long, O Lord?

October 25, 2020 Speaker: Sam Storms Series: Standalone Sermons

Topic: Worship Scripture: Psalm 13:1–6

(1) Jesus said that the “world” of his day would “rejoice” when he was crucified. This is a fairly serious indictment. Do you think it equally applies to the “world” today? If so, what reasons do you think people would have for not wanting Jesus to be present with us?

(2) Read John 14:28; 15:11; 16:20; 16:21; 16:22; 16:24; and 17:13. Why do you think Jesus speaks so often about our “joy” and our experience of “rejoicing”?

(3) What does it mean to say that “joy” is the reason God created the universe? Is this true? If so, in what way? What is the relationship between our “joy” and God’s “glory”?

(4) Jesus promises his followers that their joy will never be taken from them. How is it possible to live in joy and gladness of heart when there is so much sickness, sin, and evil in our world?

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